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It wasn't bad, but it still wasn't great. For it being that short of a parody, there were better elements of the game for making fun of. It was funny, though. I would have enjoyed it more if it was longer, and maybe even if it mentioned the story of the game, like your earlier awesome videos. Keep it up

Game over man... game over

That was a gay ending. You already killed leo off once. I honestly think it would be a better idea if you did a spin-off with the homeless drug-dealing pedophile and his adventures. Also make sure it gets a story, not just like what you did there with this episode.

Come On

You know that this type of stuff is bad and when you guys submit these things, it's just not all that funny as you think it is.

SCHLERF64 responds:

This is actually a serious documentary of the love I had with my precious donkey. He was the love of my life, we did everything together , wrote poems, went on walks. I remember when I fist met him in college, we had advanced physics together, I remember all the love notes we used to pass each other, things got really serious between us after school. He moved in with me we married and had a family, those were the best years of my life...until that accident. I can't believe I actually got the whole thing on tape. For years I planned on just burning the tape, but no, I decided to make it into a documentary, showing the terrible things that come from type 2 diabetes. So it would be very considerate if you could just rethink your last statement as this documentary being a joke.

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Nyan Nyan

This game is fun but gets too easy at times..... also, did you know that cats lack the ability to taste sweetness due to their genetic structure? Cool Game bro

Noting New

This is actually addicting but it has absoluteley no fun factor.


I've been playing this almost nonstop for the past few days, and I am surprised how such an awesome game isn't even 2mb, yet M-bot is 35mb. I love this game!

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I'm not what sure what to say aout this song. It's amazing. I must use this in my christmas flash, that is If I finish it lol.

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I see this and I realize how similar it is to l4d tank

Hey whts up i Alec Im from maricopa county az

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